STOCK PRALIM  is a company, which began as an agent and a distributor of locally manufactured agro alimentary products. It is thereafter that the leaders decided to develop the activity while directing  themselves towards the importation

  In 1996, the company decided to import several products: FoodsStufs, cleaning products, kitchen utensils, candies... And it is only as from year 2000 that the company decided to specialize in Foodsstuffs  (butter, Biscuits, Juices, Tuna, and Canned fruits and vegetables ).

  In 2004, STOCK PRALIM  repositioned itself on the Moroccan market by adopting a strategy of development in the medium and long term and launched several products under its own sunshade brand EXCELLO : Sign of Excellence. At this point in time we saw the launching of The wafer Sergio, the Tuna Mario, The Butter Badaouia, the Corn King Fruit and the Juices King Fruit.

  During the year 2005 STOCK PRALIM  continued its policy of development while launching new produits: the Corn Mario, the Pasta La  Mama,  the Tomato paste La Mama, the Chocolate Bars : Palermo, Marko, Lelio. The  Biscuits Momo and Dodo, The Chewing Gums Chicago...
  Today STOCK PRALIM  is a company which was established in the local market with a vision of continuous development in order to allow itself  a competitiveness and a reactivity towards a difficult market.